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Edible Cookie Dough Snowmen - No Baking Required

Edible Cookie Dough Snowmen - No Baking Required

These delicious edible chocolate chip cookie dough snowmen are so easy to make that there is no baking required. You will have so much fun making and decorating these snowmen. This cookie dough will bring you back to your favourite childhood fantasies where all you wanted to eat was the dough. If you love to eat cookie dough this is the safe way to do it!  For an added treat, don’t forget to add it to your favourite bowl of ice cream.  Depending on size will make about 6 snowmen. 

Included Ingredients:
Granulated sugar
Brown sugar
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Heat-treated all-purpose flour
Edible decorations (chocolate kisses, peppermint patties, candies, pretzels, licorice)

PLEASE NOTE: Edible cookie dough is not suitable for baking. 

Warning: Ingredients this kit may contain traces of nuts and were produced in a facility that processes nuts sesame seeds, soy and gluten.
    C$45.00 Regular Price
    C$40.00Sale Price
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